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IV Sedation vs. Oral “Magic Pill” Sedation at Back Mountain Dental

I routinely see patients who’ve had work attempted by dentists that perform “magic pill sedation” and I am trusted by patients to treat more unique cases and dental phobic’s in and around the Wilkes-Barre, PA area.

IV sedation method is much safer, the medications are reversible instantaneously, we monitor patients as in a hospital setting, and IV sedation is a true conscious sedation instead of a mere anxiolytic. Oral sedation is fine, but only for certain patients and procedures! Your procedures will not necessarily be painless with this method. Please, don’t be one of those phobic patients who goes to the “other place” to save a little money and then end up in our office with a bad and misleading experience. We have so many of these patients, and many others we never see, unfortunately, because they end up not ever going to a dentist again.

Always ask the questions, “who will be performing my sedation, who will be doing the procedures, is it IV or oral sedation, and will I be awake during and remember the procedure?” Be assured our nurse anesthetist (CRNA) monitors your sedation and I am in charge of your care at all times.

Some of our more anxious patients find it more comfortable to be sleeping for simply their routine cleanings. We have other patients who benefit from being sedated to have more extensive work done such as full mouth restoration. Through IV sedation, our patients needing full mouth rehabilitation appreciate that we can make the procedure more comfortable with little, if any, memory of the procedure. You can wake up with a new set of teeth. There is now no need to go to a dental office where you are only given local anesthetics and are awake during your dental treatment.


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