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Sleep Dentistry in Wilkes-Barre, PA

If you are fearful of going to the dentist’s office there is an amazing medical procedure that is affectionately called sleep dentistry or sedation dentistry. The revolutionary process includes an appointment with a trained sedation dentist, like myself, that can provide you with a better experience that starts out with a light sedation procedures designed for people with dental phobias.

  • Have the beautiful smile and expect the best dental health you’ve always wanted with sleep dentistry.
  • Consult your dentist to ask them of all the wonderful benefits of a pain free trip to the dental office. Having a confident smile and eating pain free is just a few steps away.
  • Sleep sedation procedures make it possible for patients to enjoy a comfortable and relaxed dental appointment almost to the point of not even recollecting it. There is no feeling of discomfort or pain as you will feel as if you are asleep.
  • Due to the patient being in such a relaxed state, the dentist can do multiple procedures such as:
  • whitening yellow or discolored teeth
  • crown replacement
  • dentures
  • fixing chipped or missing teeth
  • restoring sore gum’s to a strong state

You will probably only require one or two appointments with a dentist using sleep dentistry. Just imagine, in hours you can begin to enjoy the happiness that comes with a dazzling new smile plus a good dental health. Best of all sleep dentistry is safe.

Before your I start working on your teeth, my staff & I will conduct a thorough review of your health history and then closely monitor you as we go through the process.

So be sure to have that beautiful smile you deserve  call our office today 1-877-696-1131 and have the comfort to know that this will be the best decision you will ever make.

Hundreds of thousands of people have gotten over their dental phobias through sedation dentistry and returned their teeth to a perfect state of happiness.

Sedation is often recommended for extreme dental phobia.

However, there is no consensus as to what constitutes a “severe” phobia. Scores on dental phobia tests bear little or no correlation to the need for (or desirability of) sedation. As a rule-of-thumb, sedation can be useful

For ten years, I have looked into dental processes that allow people to have a much more comfortable experience while at the dental office.  For more information about sleep dentistry our web site has helpful tips on how sleep dentistry  procedures can help you with your dental needs.

My office is located in the Back Mountain near Wilkes-barre, Scranton, Dallas & Harvey’s Lake.


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