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Sores and Snores – This week’s new products in the BMD Smile Store

Whether you are looking to avoid the pain of mouth sores or that special someone’s snoring, these new additions to the Dental Appliance and Canker/Cold Sore sections have you covered.
Get a better night’s sleep with the Anti-Snoring Device from Snore Guard. It prevents restriction of the air passage to better control snoring and mild sleep apnea.
For cold sores and blisters, try the Early Relief Gel from Zilactin – it helps the healing process and goes on clear so you won’t even notice it. Zilactin-B is used to to treat mouth ulcers and relieve pain from canker sores for up to six hours.

Anti-Snoring Device

  • Helps eliminate snoring
  • Aids in treating mild sleep apnea
  • Features Air Flow Technology
  • More details…

Price: $74.99

Shipping: FREE

Zilactin Early Relief Cold Sore Gel

  • Treats cold sores and fever blisters
  • Promotes healing with a patented bio-adhesive
  • Relieves pain for up to 6 hours
  • More details…

Price: $10.99

Zilactin-B 6 Hour Canker & Mouth Sore Gel

  • Long lasting mouth sore gel
  • Relieves pain from canker sores, dentures, and braces
  • Bioadhesive promotes quick healing time
  • More details…

Price: $10.99

Discover more at DentalStores

Try Something New!You may also be interested in Abreva’s Cold Sore Cream.

Please note: product prices and availability are subject to change. The price and availability of each item were accurate at the time this message was sent, but may differ from current prices.


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