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Olympic Level Whitening in our Store

This week’s new products at BMD Smile Store

Get yourself on the podium with these Teeth Whitening products!
The great thing about the Olympics is seeing some of the lesser known sports: badminton, trampoline, pentathlon, and of course teeth whitening.
For a shot at gold in the whitening sprint, try Day White 14% Gel for lightening fast results. But remember, it is hard to break a world record without teamwork, so pair it up with ThermoWhite Trays from Peroxium. Of course training will play a key role in your success, so also try the SheerWhite! Strips for on-the-run whitening results.

DayWhite ACP 14% Teeth Whitening Gels

  • 14% hydrogen peroxide gel whitens teeth
  • Fast acting – up to 85% less wear time
  • Advanced ACP formula to reduce sensitivity
  • More details…

Price: $25.00

Shipping: FREE

Teeth Whitening Strips

  • 20% Carbamide Peroxide gets teeth brighter
  • Strips wrap around teeth for comfort
  • Custom fit ensures even whitening
  • More details…

Price: $19.99

ThermoWhite Trays

  • Ultra-thin technology for a custom fit
  • Personalized fit ensures gel stays in place
  • More comfortable than standard trays
  • More details…

Price: $3.99

Discover more at DentalStores

Try Something New!You may also be interested in Opalescence TresWhite Supreme Teeth Whitening System.

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