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Get Back to School Agent Cool!

This week’s new products at BMD Smile Store

Kids need more than than paper and pens to be ready for school – they need great oral care tools! Find them in the new Kids section.
Parents of athletes – worry no more! The Brain-Pad LoPRO+PLUS Mouth Guard will not only protect their teeth and braces, but will also help prevent concussions.
We all know kids love to color, but rather than painting your walls, let them try some healthy coloring. Listerine’s Agent Cool Blue Rinse highlights areas of plaque on their teeth so kids know just where to focus when brushing. Even more fun: Watching the highlighted plaque disappear as they brush it away with the Sonicare Kids Toothbrush.

Brain-Pad LoPRO+PLUS Mouth Guard

  • Offers protection for teeth while playing sports
  • Creates a safety space between the skull and jaw
  • Helps reduce impact energy to base of skull
  • More details…

Price: $18.99

Agent Cool Blue Tinting Pre-Brush Rinse

  • Tints teeth blue to show where to brush
  • Helps teach kids proper brushing habits
  • Makes brushing more fun
  • More details…

Price: $7.99

Kids Rechargeable Sonic Toothbrush

  • Fun interchangeable panels
  • 2 Kid-friendly power modes deliver a gentle, effective clean
  • Age-appropriate brush heads
  • More details…

Price: $58.99

Shipping: FREE

Discover more at DentalStores

Try Something New!You may also be interested in The Natural Dentist’s Cavity Zapper Anticavity Gel Toothpaste.

Please note: product prices and availability are subject to change. The price and availability of each item were accurate at the time this message was sent, but may differ from current prices.


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