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Bright, white smiles are in. Patients are frequently turning to their dentists to reverse discoloration caused by smoking, wine, coffee, or time. While whitening treatments have come a long way over the years, and current whiteners are less abrasive, you must still avoid overuse of these products. Today, your Wilkes-Barre cosmetic dentist, Dr. James DeFinnis, discusses the benefits of whitening and why too much of a good thing can impact your oral health.

Desiring a Hollywood Grin?

White teeth are a Hollywood standard, and celebrities often set trends when it comes to appearance. Actors and actresses have to maintain a facade of enduring youth, and yellowing and stains on teeth can be a sign of age. Whitening teeth can take years off of your appearance, and give you an inner confidence that encourages you to smile bigger and brighter. In that way, Hollywood has it right, but it’s important to be realistic and remember that photos in magazines and on the internet are sometimes altered, giving us a skewed idea of what a healthy, white smile should look like.

Beware of Too Much Whitening

If you whiten too often, you may end up with undesirable results. If teeth become so white that they are almost translucent, they will appear grey, not white. Tooth sensitivity is a frequent side effect of teeth whitening treatments, however, this side effect is only temporary when you use whiteners conservatively. On the other hand, if you whiten more than the recommended frequency, further sensitivity and even long term damage can occur from prolonged exposure to the bleaching chemicals.

Over-the-counter whiteners can be effective, but there is a much lower concentration of whitening ingredients in these products, and results can take a significant amount of time to develop. Some people may become discouraged by the results they receive from these OTC products, which could lead to overuse and increased chance of side effects.

Back Mountain Dental offers Deep Bleaching™, which is among the most permanent whitening solutions available. Deep Bleaching allows you to maintain your whitening results by wearing bleaching trays only once every few months, after your desired whiteness is attained. With such lasting results, you won’t be tempted to overuse whitening products.

Your Wilkes-Barre cosmetic dentist is available to help you whiten your smile. To schedule an appointment with Dr. James DeFinnis and our team at Back Mountain Dental, please call (570) 763-4360. We also serve Scranton, Kingston, Forty Fort, and Dallas, PA.


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