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Three Cool Tips for Whiter Teeth

It’s no big secret that people who have white, perfect teeth tend to be more attractive and irresistible. This is why many people are always on the quest to improve their oral health, so that they can flash their killer smiles everywhere they go. Here are three tips to achieve this:

Try baking soda

If you’re looking for a magic ingredient that would give you whiter teeth without brushing and flossing, there is none. However, you could try using baking soda once a week to get rid of stains on your chompers. It’s just like toothpaste, and if it leaves your gums feeling tender, you can try salt.

Watch what you eat

This advice isn’t only for dieters. If you want whiter teeth, then you have to cut back on foods that would leave stains on your teeth such as red wine and cola. At the very least, brush your teeth immediately after consuming any tooth-staining food.

Use lipstick

This advice doesn’t technically whiten your teeth in the least, but it does help make it look as if your teeth are pearly white. Try out a light red lipstick to avoid showing the yellow of your teeth.

If you want a smile that other people would die for, then you have to put in the effort towards it. You may not succeed in getting that movie star sheen, but at the very least you could come close.


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