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Dental Implants and Other Cosmetic Procedures

Dentistry involves preventative care and restoration of the teeth. Sadly, there aren’t as much people who come to their dentists to have their teeth cleaned than there are folks who want their aching teeth to be pulled out. In any case, there’s a full branch of the practice dedicated to improving one’s looks: cosmetic dentistry.

Cosmetic dentistry concerns itself with making the teeth look more pleasant and attractive, and it does this through teeth whitening, braces, and other specialized treatments. Of all the procedures cosmetic dentists offer, one stands out in particular: the installation of implants and dentures. No other procedure is as revolutionary as surgically implanting new teeth into a patient’s mouth.

It’s common knowledge that the set of teeth that grow after the deciduous teeth (i.e. “milk teeth”) are irreplaceable. Once permanent teeth rot and fall off, a gaping space will be left in their absence. This can be unsightly to behold, and could cause dental complications such as receding gums if left alone. Cosmetic dentists can install artificial teeth—dentures–to replace the lost teeth by means of a series of implants drilled into the jaw to serve as anchor points for replacement teeth. This method ensures a snug and natural-looking fit for the bridge or crown to be installed.


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