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Have You Seen Your Dentist Yet?

A dentist can help you achieve optimum oral health by making sure that your oral cavity is in good condition. Regular visits to the dental office must still be done even when we practice good oral hygiene. Only the dentist can properly determine whether or not we need preventive treatments, restorative procedures or both.

By taking care of our oral health, our dentist does more than allow us to flash that smile more confidently. He or she can save us from suffering from certain discomforts that makes it hard to perform our usual activities.

It’s important to take note that a poor oral condition may show symptoms of other health problems. Swollen gums, dry mouth and mouth ulcers among others, may actually be early manifestations of heart disease, diabetes, cancer, leukemia or kidney disease.

Understand that you don’t only have to set an appointment with your dentist if you need to have a tooth extraction, braces installation or crown fitting, to name a few. It’s also important to have your teeth cleaned by a dental hygienist, as brushing your teeth can only do so much.

Additionally, unless you’re a dentist, you can’t conclude that you’re at the pink of oral health. Let your dentist confirm or deny that.


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