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A Look into Dental Phobia

There are things people look forward to such as dropping by at a popular dessert place in Scranton, but a visit to the dentist when necessary or at least once every six months isn’t. However, most people know that these periodic dental check-ups are necessary to maintain their oral health, so they don’t think twice about paying a visit to their family dentist. Unfortunately, there are those who can’t bring themselves to go to the dentist, even when they know they need to.

What stops them is the condition commonly referred to as dental phobia, something more serious than feeling uneasy or uncomfortable in the presence of dentists. People with dental phobia feel incredibly anxious and nervous at the mere mention of the word “dentists.” Some even end up feeling sick when it’s time for their dental appointment, ending up not going anyway.

Dental phobia occurs for various reasons. Some may have had a traumatic experience as a child with their dentist, while some associate dental visits with pain. People with dental phobia end up depriving themselves of quality dental care for years, jeopardizing their overall dental health in the process. Fortunately, sedation dentistry can help in this regard; one of the most effective techniques being Intravenous (IV) sedation.


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