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Invisalign vs. Braces: The Moving Tooth Battle

BackMountainDentalMisaligned teeth are a hassle; for one, they can become an impediment to eating and speech. They also have a detrimental effect on a person’s confidence. People with an imperfect set of teeth are not likely to smile often due to the fact that his or her teeth do not look perfect.

Fortunately, dental technology has come up with two breakthroughs to help patients with a problematic set of ivories. Braces have been helping countless patients with moving their teeth to look aesthetically pleasing for quite some time. Invisalign, a series of invisible, removable aligners, is a relatively new innovation that also offers the same results.

Both of these methods are effective for helping people achieve that picture-perfect smile. Which method, however, is better?


Invisalign clearly takes the point in terms of aesthetics. Invisalign is not easy to spot, compared to the grills a patient with braces has to endure. Another plus for Invisalign is the fact that these implements can be removed.


One can say that flexibility is not a forte of Invisalign. The product predicts where the tooth will go, so it is pretty impossible to make adjustments for patients with back tooth bite problems. Braces are superior to Invisalign in that regard.


Each product has its own strengths, but Invisalign simply provides more liberty to the wearer in comparison to braces. The final say, however, still lies with the patient.


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