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Pain and Gain: On Sedation Dentistry Treatments

The fear of dentists is no joke; a significant number of Americans experience anxiety about anything related to dentistry, and it prevents them from paying their good dentists a visit. Naturally, this prevents these frightened individuals from receiving proper and immediate dental care. It’s a pressing issue, especially when you consider the country’s unhealthy obsession with sugar and other teeth-destroying ingredients.BackMountainDental

Much of the fear of dentistry stems from the dread of experiencing pain caused by the “cruel-looking” implements of dentists. It can also be unsettling to receive dental examinations and treatments from a complete stranger while being secured to a chair. Thankfully, those who feel anxious about dental visits can opt for sedation dentistry procedures.

Not to be confused with sleep dentistry, wherein patients are administered with anesthesia to lull them to unconsciousness, sedation dentistry involves the use of sedatives that are adequate enough to complete deaden the pain of dental treatments without knocking out the patient. It also uses depressants and anti-anxiety medications to tranquilize patients who just can’t get over their fears, allowing them to calmly take their treatments while being completely aware of their surroundings. With sedation dentistry, even those easily frightened by the whirr of a dental drill can receive the treatment they badly need.


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