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All You Need to Know About Smile Makeovers

BackMountainDentalIf you’re not satisfied with the way your teeth are shaped or how your smile appears, a smile makeover is something you should consider. The term refers to an extensive process of molding your teeth, jaw, and gums to be more beautiful using a variety of cosmetic and restorative techniques. A smile makeover is generally takes a while to be completed, but it nonetheless provides a lot of outstanding—and life-changing—results.

Before you undergo one though, you’ll need to have a complete dental checkup first because some people’s teeth are simply not suited for the procedure. What cosmetic dentists generally look for are pre-existing dental problems such as periodontal disease which can render your teeth and gums too fragile for continuous cosmetic treatments. If you qualify, your cosmetic dentist will then present you with options that can provide you the best smile.

The exact steps done in smile makeovers tend to vary on a case-to-case basis, but they formally begin with a thorough tooth cleaning. This can also be an opportunity for the dentist to take an impression of your teeth, which would give him or her a better idea on how to reshape them. Any gaps or cracks are quickly filled up while your teeth are given new contours and shapes to make them more beautiful. The process can span days or weeks, depending on the modifications that you want to have for your teeth and gums.


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