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Why Teeth Whitening is Important

BackMountainDentalYour teeth lost their natural whiteness the moment you learned to eat and drink. Don’t be surprised by the fact that the teeth you have now are stained with the pigment of the food and drink you take. Unlike foods stuck on and in between your teeth, this stain can hardly be scraped off by your toothbrush or floss.

The thing about teeth stains is that they spread very slowly until they give the teeth an even and well-toned yellowish or grayish color. In effect, you start to believe that it’s your teeth’s natural color. However, if you undergo teeth whitening, you will realize that your teeth have a vibrantly white shade you will not want to stain again.

Teeth whitening is a dental procedure that involves the use of hydrogen or carbamide peroxide to extract the pigmented substances stuck in the pores of the enamel. These substances normally react with a low level of ultraviolet light to be able to force the stain out. In just an hour, you can have the pure whiteness you’ve always wanted your teeth to have.

Dental experts recommend getting teeth whitening at least twice a year. This is enough to prevent plaque capable of causing cavities from building up. Rest assured that the procedure will not reduce the surface of your teeth to the point when the sensitive layers will be exposed.


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