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What is Root Canal Treatment and why is it needed?

Contrary to popular belief, a tooth is not just a hunk of bone-like substance that doesn’t have guts, like blood vessels and such – would they bleed when knocked out if they didn’t have them inside?

BackMountainDentalThe section that contains a tooth’s “guts” is called a pulp chamber. AKA the root canal, this chamber runs the entire length of the tooth – from the root to the tip. Generally, human teeth contain one to four root canals. Incisors usually have one, molars with 2-4, and premolars & cuspids with 1 to 2 canals.

Substances that cause infection can carve a cavity through the tooth’s enamel, eventually reaching the pulp chamber and the nerves and blood vessels inside it. Once the infection spreads inside the chamber, it basically means “bye-bye tooth!” – Or is it?

Root canal treatment is performed by drilling a hole on top of the tooth. Once the hole reaches the pulp chamber, the infected pulp is taken out. The now-empty canal is shaped and filled with a rubbery material called gutta percha, something that resembles the gums. The top of the hole near the surface of the tooth is filled by regular dental filling.

A root canal treatment basically saves your teeth before it falls off. If you feel like you need a root canal treatment, consult a local dentist immediately– unless you would to prolong a smile that bares tiny “window”.


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