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Are You a Good Candidate for a Smile Makeover?

It is perhaps a very difficult question to answer, at least as far as dental procedures go. First off, a “smile makeover” is a time-consuming process that typically involves a number of dental procedures to be undertaken. For example, a patient may be obliged to wear braces first, then have his teeth whitened, then have the rough edges of his teeth “polished”; a series of procedures that could take months or even a year. The specifics of a smile makeover vary from patient to patient, depending on the condition of their teeth.

Despite this stipulation, finding a good candidate for a smile makeover isn’t actually that hard. A person who is determined to go through the process is already an excellent candidate. Of course, he or she must have teeth to begin with! However, most dentists would probably turn down a determined individual if he or she has some preexisting oral conditions that need to be treated first.

For example, a person with periodontal disease should seek out a capable dentist, particularly one who specializes in gum problems, for treatment because the cosmetic procedures on his teeth are useless if his gums are unhealthy. Those with tooth cavities are usually safe, though, because they can simply be given tooth fillings and these are standard fare as far as smile makeovers go.



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