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The Importance of Sedation Dentistry

You might be wondering how dental patients make it through painful procedures such as dental implant installation or wisdom tooth extraction. The explanation is simple—they were most likely sedated. A method used for thousands of years, sedation is still the most effective means to deal with pain and ease anxiety. Any dental patient who experienced being sedated would attest to how it helped him or her endure a treatment.

Why is sedation so important in dentistry? Well, the fact that sedation relaxes a patient and even boosts their pain tolerance make things a whole lot easier for both the dentist and the client. For instance, a patient who feels nervous when sitting on a dental chair would normally be uncooperative or quite sensitive during the procedure, therefore increasing the risk of errors that might lead to certain complications. Through sedation, the patient will be calmer, thereby raising the success rate of the treatment.

Some procedures take hours to finish, requiring the patient to maintain a certain position for a long time, not to mention with their mouth open. Dentists sedate patients undergoing lengthy procedures to prevent them from getting too exhausted, which may lead to certain issues afterwards. Sedation plays a major role in reducing exhaustion and making the tasks of a dentist much more convenient.

Sedation dentistry also helps patients save money. You’ll be able to go through several procedures in a single session, thus reducing your number of dental visits or appointments.


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