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Deep Teeth Cleaning – What Makes it Different?

An important part of the overall dental hygiene maintenance is visiting one’s dentists for regular cleaning, which is about once every 6 months. While teeth cleaning is often more emphasized for younger patients, adults should also opt to have a prophylaxis session with a dentist to prevent various dental problems from occurring. Depending on the health of the teeth and other factors, one may need to undergo deep cleaning.

Deep Dental Cleaning

Unlike ordinary prophylaxis, deep cleaning involves advanced treatment procedures of cleaning one’s teeth. Methods like root planing, smoothening out the rough root surfaces of the teeth, and scaling, etching out and scraping off plaque deposits on the teeth above and below the gum line. Both these procedures require anesthetic for pain management and call for a considerable amount of time or a number of sessions. The upside of this is that these procedures lessen the chances of gum or periodontal disease from worsening, provided that proper dental hygiene is diligently practiced right after.

Reasons for Deep Cleaning

Most patients that undergo deep cleaning have serious gum diseases, caused by excessive plaque on the teeth. Bacteria that thrive in an unhealthy mouth can irritate the gums and may lead to severe infections. Bacterial invasion in one’s gum pockets can cause the teeth’s supporting structures to break down or deteriorate, potentially resulting in tooth loss.


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