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Drinking with Invisalign: Yes or No?

BackMountainDentalMaking the cut for Invisalign can be one of the best things you can do for your teeth, especially if they were long out of kilter. Think about it: your teeth can be gradually moved to their ideal formation over a period of time. What if that period, however, involved some activities such as drinking with friends? Your dental practitioner will advise you to store them in a safe location for the duration and brush your teeth during breaks. There’s a rationale for it:


As Invisalign braces are made of clear plastic, hot liquids such as coffee or soup raise the tendency of making them pliable. The result may be that the aligners won’t lock well onto your teeth if you remove them and put them back on later. At the same time though, dark-colored drinks such as thick wine or syrups can stain the aligners.

Seeping Through

If you have your aligners on, they usually prevent saliva from lubricating and cleaning the teeth. However, certain beverages may still leak through and affect the teeth. Leaving the aligners on for, say, hours, is enough time for signs of tooth decay to start forming. Acidic drinks that seep into the aligners─ like cola─ will not be affected by saliva concentrations to start chipping away at the teeth enamel.

Remember: Invisalign is a serious investment for your teeth. You have the power to make that investment last.


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