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Dental Warning Signs You Shouldn’t Ignore

People who suffer from dental anxiety often ignore dental warning signs like toothaches because the warning signs indicate a need to see a dentist. These warning signs, however, shouldn’t be ignored since they are often harbingers of more serious dental problems. That in mind, here are a few warning signs you should never ignore:

Sensitivity to Cold/Heat

Do your teeth hurt after eating hot/cold food? If the answer is yes, you may have a tooth infection. In this case, see your dentist immediately to prevent the infection from spreading to the tooth root.

Chipped Fillings

If a piece of your filling has fallen out, be sure to set an appointment with your dentist ASAP. The extra space can allow food and bacteria to invade the inside of your tooth and cause it to decay from the inside out.

Bleeding Gums

BackMountainDentalThere is a myth that it is natural for gums to bleed, especially when brushing your teeth. Sadly it really is just a myth. Bleeding gums can be an early warning sign of gingivitis and periodontitis, so see your dentist immediately.

Do not let dental anxiety get in the way of good oral health, especially since several studies have linked heart disease with poor oral health. If you suffer from severe dental anxiety, visit a sedation dentist in your area to help you cope with your fears.


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