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Teeth Discoloration Causes and What You Can Do

Have you ever been at a party where your eyes seemed to be transfixed on a gorgeous-looking individual? A friend notices you are admiring the person from afar and decides to act as the go-between. As your mutual friend introduces you to the person and the latter flashes a smile, you noticed that he or she bears ugly stains on his or her teeth.

Unsightly tooth stains may not be as serious as tooth decay and cavities, but they require as much attention and care unless one’s intention is truly to repel people. Some well-known causes of teeth discoloration are drinking too much caffeine-laden beverages, like coffee and sodas, and smoking.

BackMountainDentalHowever, you may not be aware that there are other reasons why teeth become stained. For one, if you love recipes where balsamic vinegar is among the primary ingredients— and not just in salad, mind you— you are likely to find yourself with discolored teeth. This syrupy dark-brown vinegar has a tendency to settle in the tooth enamel, dulling smiles as a result.

Tomato sauce is another culprit of teeth discoloration, so you may want to decrease your intake of tomato-based pasta dishes like spaghetti. However, keep in mind that teeth stains are not the end of the world since you can easily go for a cosmetic dental treatment called laser teeth whitening, which will remove all traces of stain in your teeth.


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