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Sedation Dentistry: Made For People with Phobia

Throughout history, dentistry has developed an image that is synonymous to pain, blood, and more pain. Naturally, some people have developed a phobia when it comes to going to the dentist to get a check-up or have their teeth cleaned. Thanks to a persistent dental community and years of innovation, dentists have developed a program specially tailored to patients with dental phobia – sedation dentistry.

BackMountainDentalSedation dentistry addresses the main concern of many patients regarding procedures that can take too long, or are too painful even with the use of anesthesia. Pharmacological agents, otherwise called sedatives, are introduced to the patients by way of inhalation, oral intake, or intravenously (IV). Among the three, IV sedation has proven to be the most effective in terms of keeping the procedure painless, even if the patient is not completely asleep.

People know how important it is to maintain a good oral health and fear must never get in the way of obtaining the services of trusted and professional healthcare providers. Sedation dentistry removes the element of fear and helps in building better relationships between dentists and patients. With this option available, there should be no reason any more for people to regularly visit their dentist, whether it be for a regular checkup or a major procedure.


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