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Keep Calm and Open Wide: On Dental Sedation

Dental fear is not an isolated case of the jitters; just about anyone who’s ever been to the dreaded dentist’s chair experiences some sort of anxiety inside a dental office. However, modern medicine has many ways to help patients get over their fear so they can get the dental care that they deserve. One such innovation to help ease patient stress is the practice of dental sedation.


What it is

Sedation is the use of medication that helps the patient feel little of the pain (if not totally numb) of surgery, either by putting him in a relaxed or outright unconscious state (as in the case of major surgical procedures). Dental sedation is typically used for dental implants, root canal, and other dental services that require surgery.


One of the most popular means of delivering oral sedation is the use of ‘laughing gas’, or nitrous oxide. This substance, in the right doses, can put the patient to a deep, relaxed state. Another example would be intravenous sedation, where the medicine is administered through injecting it in your veins.



While some of the most moderate forms of anesthesia can be administered by most dentists, the more potent ones can only be given by those with specialist knowledge on anesthetics. Only by choosing a dentist with such a criteria can help you truly stay on the safe side.


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