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Manage Dental Anxiety with Your Dentist’s Help

BackMountainDentalDealing with your anxiety of visiting the dentist can be difficult, but there are several ways to do so. First, you should openly communicate your fears with the dental team, and let them know about any bad experience you might have experienced in the past. This will give the dentist and the dental team an idea on how to make you feel at ease.

Second, for some people, dental fear or anxiety may be too severe that pharmacologic management or sedatives are needed. Among the types of sedation available for dental treatments, experts say intravenous or IV sedation works best in most scenarios. A sedation dentist can fully explain the procedure and its benefits.

Contrary to common belief, IV sedation produces a deep state of relaxation without putting you to sleep. During the procedure, you can still cooperate and follow your dentist’s instructions. However, it is highly likely that you will not recall details of the treatment, since temporary amnesia is one of the effects of IV sedation.

Under the treatment, an entire procedure will seem like it was done in minutes, when in fact it may actually have taken a few hours. Because of this effect, complicated procedures that would usually take several visits may be done in just a single appointment. Also, because IV sedation is milder compared to general anesthesia, the recovery time would be faster.


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