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IV Sedation: Facing Your Fear of the Dentist

backmountainFrightened with just the idea of sitting still and opening your mouth while your dentist does his magic on your teeth? Although many people share your fear of the dentist or dental procedures, your fear could get in the way of maintaining your dental and oral health, which could then lead to certain diseases. To help curb your fright while sitting on the dentist chair, dental professionals came up with a solution: intravenous or IV sedation.

Sedation in dentistry involves a medication that would help dental patients relax during the whole dental procedure, and is sometimes mistakenly referred to as “sleep dentistry”, which is not always true. There are four levels of sedation, from minimal sedation (where you are perfectly aware of where you are while completely being relaxed) to general anesthesia (total unconsciousness). IV sedation usually involves moderate sedation, where you might experience slurring of speech and not remembering the whole procedure at all.

IV sedation works through a sedative drug injected straight through a vein, and thus will take effect almost immediately. While there might be those expressing their qualms over this procedure, dentists maintain that IV sedation is perfectly safe and is advisable for those who have severe dental fear. IV sedation is, in fact, safer than local anesthesia, and is ideal for those who have a low pain threshold, have a set of sensitive teeth, a bad gag reflex, and for those whose teeth require a lot of dental work.


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