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Signs You Shouldn’t Ignore: Root Canal Treatment

backmountainVery few dental procedures are as infamous as root canal treatments. Although the procedure has a less-than-ideal reputation, it does help save a tooth from dying due to advanced tooth decay.

Fortunately, the signs of advanced tooth decay and infection are easy to spot; the trick is resisting the urge to ignore the symptoms out fear of root canal treatments. If you experience any of the following symptoms, be sure to see a dentist in Wilkes-Barre, PA:

Prolonged Sensitivity to Hot and Cold

Normally, healthy teeth aren’t easily affected by the temperature of the food and drinks you consume. However, advanced tooth decay can expose the nerve within your tooth, leading to prolonged sensitivity to hot and cold stimuli.

Presence of Sores on Gums

If you notice any sores (especially those draining pus) developing around a particular tooth, do not delay seeing your dentist. This is a sign that your tooth has already become infected and immediate treatment is required.

Intense Toothaches that Suddenly Disappear

In many cases, the pain that accompanies advanced tooth decay is intense, occurs suddenly, and lasts for a while—signs that should prompt you to see your dentist. In the event that the pain suddenly disappears, don’t be fooled into thinking the infection has been cured. The sudden disappearance of pain may mean that the nerve has already died. If this happens, see your dentist at once.


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