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Dangers of Do-It-Yourself Teeth Whitening

backmountainEveryone wants to achieve a sparkling-white set of teeth like their favorite celebrities, and some would even go to great lengths just to achieve it. Whitening your own teeth might seem cheaper and more practical than having to go to the dentist, but there are repercussions that could follow, which can result in your teeth becoming more damaged. Even some dentists agree that do-it-yourself teeth whitening can make your chompers look brownish or dirty white instead of really white.

A whitening agent some might use is a mild solution of chlorine dioxide, which is also known as the bleach usually used for cleaning. This ingredient, however, eats away the enamel, the visible part of the tooth and exposes the brown-colored dentin beneath. Also, while eating strawberries or lemons might be beneficial for your health, using the citric acid found in these fruits as teeth whiteners might not be such a great idea, for the acid might only worsen the damage on the enamel.

Two commonly used substances for DIY teeth whiteners are hydrogen peroxide and bicarbonate. While these are undoubtedly effective in making your teeth sparkling white, not using these substances correctly might lead to the erosion of the enamel, especially considering the fact that bicarbonate is a highly abrasive product. Too much hydrogen peroxide, meanwhile, can cause serious damage to your gums, which could also lead to heart diseases. For best results, it’s always advisable to consult a skilled dentist for teeth whitening.


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