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Wisdom Teeth: Should They Stay or Should They Go?

While they might grow out of your gums during the so-called “Age of Wisdom” (which is between ages 17 and 25), wisdom teeth might not bring you the knowledge about life you deeply wished to have; on the contrary, they might bring you discomfort. Although not everyone develops this third set of teeth, the American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons says that nine out of ten people who do develop them would have at least one impacted wisdom tooth, meaning there’s no space for it to break through the gums.


When a wisdom tooth gets impacted, the partial eruption it causes in your gums allows bacteria to enter your mouth, causing pain, jaw stiffness, swelling, or even a small bout of illness. Moreover, since the general area where your wisdom teeth grows is usually beyond the reach of your toothbrush or dental floss, these could easily cause decay and even gum disease.

Normally, your dentist would suggest having your wisdom teeth removed in order to avoid the further complications of an impacted tooth. Wisdom teeth extraction is recommended at a young age since the roots are not yet fully developed. As you age, however, extraction becomes more painful, yet not impossible when you opt for an IV sedation during the whole procedure. With this in place, you can lie back and relax knowing that you can have all the benefits of wisdom teeth removal with none of the pain.


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