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IV Sedation Dentistry: What Should You Expect?

IV sedation or Intravenous sedation is an increasingly popular method used by dentists to ease patients into a deep state of relaxation and unawareness. Like its name suggests, the process involves a sedative drug being injected into the vein through the use of an extremely fine needle and an indwelling catheter.

The needle will be inserted into a vein found in the arm or the back of a hand, and once the sedative takes effect, the dentist will proceed to numb the patient’s mouth with an anesthetic injection. Since the drugs administered for IV sedation are anti-anxiety drugs and not painkillers, local anesthesia is still necessary to dull the pain from the procedure.

The sedative drug will induce a feeling of drowsiness without rendering a person unconscious. There might be a slight stinging sensation due to the anesthetic injection, but it’s very unlikely that the patient would be bothered by it. At this stage, the sedative drug would have sufficiently tranquilized the patient, and make him or her feel at ease even during the administration of the anesthetic.

It’s natural for patients to feel very sleepy after the treatment. Going home alone in this state could potentially be dangerous, which is why it’s recommended for patients to coordinate with a responsible adult about their transportation needs.


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