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Veneers for a Beautiful Smile

There are many cosmetic dental solutions for people who want to have that perfect smile. One of them is veneers. They are thin, customized shells made of materials that are colored similarly to natural teeth. Their purpose is to cover the front surface of the teeth for an improved appearance.

Dental veneers are used for problems like teeth discoloration, wear, chipping, breaks, misalignment, and gaps. These don’t just pose aesthetic problems but may also lead to worse problems in oral health.

A cosmetic dentist in Dallas, PA may offer different kinds of veneers. Porcelain and resin composite are common materials for veneers. Then, there are the different veneers from various manufacturers.

Da Vinci Veneers. Made by daVinci Laboratories, this is often chosen for masking discolorations. This ceramic veneer is ultra-thin, stain-resistant, and the bonding process is minimally invasive. Even with its thinness, it still offers a high level of durability.

Lumineers. Made by Cerinate, these porcelain veneers are as thin as contact lenses but doesn’t lack durability. It is a good choice for people with alignment problems. Also, the application doesn’t require shaving or grinding of tooth surface.

Micro Dental Veneers. Made by MicroDental Laboratories, this kind has high levels of durability and functionality, and looks natural too.

The different kinds of veneers will suit certain problems and individual patients. If you’ll have veneers applied to your teeth, make sure to check the qualities of each type.


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