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Common Causes of Toothache

Sharp, nagging toothache—it’s the quintessential dental problem, though not one with only a single cause. Toothaches can come from a wide variety of factors, which can easily range from simple to profound dental conditions.

Decay – Perhaps the most common toothache culprit of all, decay can grow from painless ones (those which only affect the top layer of teeth) to really painful ones that reach deep down to the root, which is extremely sensitive to pain. The deeper the decay goes, the greater the pain becomes.

Abscess – An abscess forms when an infection brews just below the tooth’s root, when the innermost layer of the tooth called the dentin is already infected. An abscess is made up of pus (a combination of white blood cells, dead tissue, and bacteria), and is known for causing extremely painful toothaches—one characterized by a throbbing/pulsating sensation with intermittent sharp pains.

Cracked/Chipped Tooth – When a tooth gets chipped or cracked as a result of a sudden blow, it can become very sensitive due to the exposed dentin. There would be times when a tooth fracture might not be painful, but if the damage reaches the nerves of the teeth, a sufferer is in for a bad day.

Gum Disease – Gum disease doesn’t cause actual toothache per se, but the pain it causes can be interpreted as such (the pain happens in the mouth, after all). This bacterial infection can easily irritate the gums and even develop into an abscess, which can amplify the discomfort greatly.


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