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Comfort to Your Anxious Child on First Dental Visit

Dental anxiety or fear is prevalent among children, but without proper dental care, your child is at greater risk of developing oral health problems. Skipping appointments, therefore, isn’t a healthy option. Follow these tips to help manage your child’s dental anxiety.

Show them what to expect.

A child’s anxiety can be eased somewhat when he or she is informed about what to expect in advance. Tell your child in reassuring ways what a dentist will do and what the procedure would feel like, e.g. vibration, taste, and pain; the injection, after all (if you remember) does feel like an ant bite.

Use distractions to divert focus away from fear.

You may also bring your child’s favorite toy that he or she could play with in the waiting room. Dental personnel are trained to engage their little patients in a cheerful discussion to distract and create rapport. They may be asked to visualize an amazing day in the amusement park or the first time they received their favorite toy. Distraction for older children may include video tapes, video games, or television.

Apply sedation dentistry.

Dental fear can be deep-rooted that nothing could seem to make a child relax on the dentist’s chair. If this is the case, it would be better to find a dentist qualified to administer Intravenous (IV) sedation. This technique allows your child to sleep throughout the procedure, and wake up to healthier teeth, with hardly a memory of the process.


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