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The Elements of a Good Smile

One of the biggest contributors to making a great first impression is the smile. Moreover, your smile can affect not only how other people perceive you but also how you feel about yourself. If you are dissatisfied with your smile, there are things you can do about it, instead of letting your insecurity get the best of you.

Well, what makes a good smile? There are many components, which include facial esthetics, gum esthetics, microesthetics, and macroesthetics. Within all these principles, the teeth play a major part.

For years, cosmetic dentistry has helped people achieve the smiles they want. People who are not content with their smiles can go to the dentist for corrections. Below are considerations dentists can help you with in achieving that near-perfect smile.

Whiteness. The color of the teeth should be balanced with the white of your eyes. This gives a natural, healthy appearance.

Upper Teeth Dominance. A beautiful smile has the upper teeth slightly more dominant than the lower ones.

Gums. They should not be showing too much and the parts that show must have a healthy look and light pink in color.

Tooth Proportion. A good smile has the two front teeth dominant with the others following in a proportional fashion.

Tooth Alignment. The teeth must have a natural-looking alignment.

In all the elements described above, balance is important. Going too far in the corrections will create an unnatural look, defeating the purpose of natural beauty.


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