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For Your Teeth’s Sake: Food Items Worth Avoiding

It is often fun to eat some snack items at certain times of the day. However, doing so without caution and compunction can present a huge threat to your teeth’s integrity. Your preferred dentist can tip you on them and plan your eating accordingly.

Soda Pop

A common misconception is that the high sugar content that makes them bad for teeth so “sugar-free” variants should be okay. Unfortunately, these contain harmful acids that you have to worry about. Even “sugar-free” sodas have citric and phosphoric acids that erode enamel.


The pickling process involves vinegar, which contains acetic acid. Thus, pickles can harm the enamel if you eat them too often. If you consume pickles only occasionally, that should be fine.


Nothing can beat a good cuppa Joe to stay up. The downside? Coffee is notorious for teeth stains and was even found to cause more persistent stains than smoking. Moreover, Health.com stated that heavy coffee stains tend to make teeth sticky. Thus, food debris sticks longer leading to a higher chance of tooth decay.

Chewy Candy

In addition to being high in sugar, chewy candies are sticky. They are harder to remove from the teeth and the sugar deposits stay for a long time, catalyzing the reaction that creates acid. On top of that, sour varieties carry their own harmful acids.


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