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How a Dentist in Scranton, PA Can Make Your Visit Totally Pain-Free

Many people who are wearing traditional and even invisible braces feel restricted when it comes to their options in cosmetic dentistry. Patients who undergo orthodontic treatment plans that are aimed at correcting teeth alignment often express doubt as to whether they can still get their teeth whitened. If you ask a cosmetic dentist from practices serving the Wilkes Barre area, the short answer will be “yes”. Using the proper whitening methods, a dentist can help you get a brighter smile while you’re still working on better alignment and bite.

Bleaching Options

Bleaching is the most recommended type of teeth whitening for patients with braces, particularly one done in the dental office by your dentist. The strength of in-office bleaching is highly effective that it produces a two-tone effect you may notice after your braces have been removed.


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Tooth Injury from Sports? See a Dentist in Scranton, PA Right Away

Dislodged tooth. In some injuries, the tooth may be pushed deep into its socket. The tooth can be saved as long as the pulp remains intact. Your emergency dentist near Scranton, PA may require you to wear a splint to reposition and stabilize your tooth to give it a chance to heal. If the pulp is damaged, a root canal treatment may be needed to prevent your tooth from developing an infection; this will have to be started a few days after the injury.

Knocked-out tooth. If the tooth is completely knocked-out of the mouth, handle the tooth with care. Avoid touching the root and if it is soiled, gently wash it with a cold and clean water; never scrape or brush it. To keep the living cells alive for a couple of hours, keep the tooth in milk or the patient’s saliva to prevent the root from drying out. Remember, time is essential and the longer the tooth is out of its socket, the likelier it can’t be saved.

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Nearby Scranton, PA Dentist: What You Have To Know About Wisdom Teeth

When impacted, the wisdom tooth or part of it may be trapped inside the gums, creating a space where bacteria can accumulate. In cases where only a portion of the teeth erupts, a flap may be formed where food particles could get stuck. This would generally be difficult to clean, leading to infection, tooth decay, and immense pain; in addition to foul breath and possible pus discharge. Your trusted dentist near Scranton, PA is likely to recommend extraction before the problem progresses into something worse, such as the development of tumors, extensive tooth decay, or pericoronitis (swelling of the affected gum).

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Dentist in Scranton, PA Attacks the Source of Various Dental Problems

Therapeutic rinses do not only carry breath fresheners, they also mitigate the risk of tooth decay by denying bacteria of viable food sources. For instance, bacteria can’t break down xylitol, an ingredient found in many therapeutic mouthwashes. Xylitol has hydrating properties that deny bacteria of their proper breeding ground.

Nevertheless, proper hygiene alone won’t be enough to prevent tooth decay, which affects nine out of ten American adults every year. A biannual visit to a general dentist in Scranton, PA, like one in Back Mountain Dental, is also a must. The dentist possesses the right skills and equipment to spot the presence and source of tooth decay, and provide the necessary treatment.

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Dentist in Scranton, PA Recommends IV Sedation to Overcome Dental Fear

If you dread going the dentist for your yearly dental checkup, then you might be suffering from what is referred to as dental phobia. Dental fear is common, not only with children but with adults as well. It is, however, especially common with people who suffer from other mental health issues. Research suggests that about 20% of people who have dental phobia also suffer from other mental issues such as generalized anxiety disorder.

Still, dental phobia should be differentiated from dental anxiety and dental fear as they vary in degree of severity. An article Dental Fear Central demonstrates the difference between the three:

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Sedation Dentist in Scranton, PA Helps Quell Patients’ Dental Anxiety

Moderate sedation is similar to the intravenous (IV) sedation procedure offered by an experienced dentist in Scranton, PA such as Dr. James C. DeFinnis. As the name implies, IV sedation is delivered via an injection to the back of the hand or arm. People who are sedated this way remain somewhat conscious throughout the procedure though do not feel any pain. However, those who have some breathing problems should inform their dentist about it at once, because they would have to wear an oxygen mask during the procedure. This is a minor inconvenience, though, given the prevalence of dental anxiety not only in the country, but also the rest of the world.

Dental anxiety isn’t exactly similar to the fear of going to the dentist, however. As the CWRU study reveals, some people simply feel uncomfortable about being strapped to a chair with limited freedom, while others do not like the numbing feeling they get from anesthetics.

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Handling Dental Anxiety with the Help of Scranton Sedation Dentistry

Dental anxiety can be overcome through various means like establishing trust with the patient and a more open doctor-patient communication—a process that may take a while. Hence, for dental emergencies, a number of patients opt to be put under sedation. Fortunately, there are dental practices that offer sedation dentistry in Scranton, PA like Back Mountain Dental and they can assure that the patient’s visit to the dentist would be as relaxed as possible.

Sedation can be applied in different ways and can have varying affects. IV sedation is one of the more popular methods used for sedation dentistry, though it can have a higher price tag than other options. It involves intravenously injecting the sedative into the patient; it doesn’t actually make the patient completely unconscious, though. You’ll feel sleepy, but you will be conscious enough to follow instructions.

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Dentist in Scranton PA: Sedation for Redheads No Different from Others

Will redheads need more sedation from a dentist in Scranton, PA or Dallas, PA?

If some reports are to be believed, yes they will. A few studies have indicated that, thanks to their melanocortin 1 receptor (MC1R) gene, redheads require 20 percent more sedative than normal. As everyone knows, however, increasing sedative dosage is something that is done by medical practitioners with extreme caution.

The MC1R is a genetic code responsible for allowing the body to produce and regulate melanin. Experts, however, have linked this gene to unique responses to certain drugs like analgesics.

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Dentist in Scranton, PA Offers Options in Managing Dental Anxiety

For some people, dental fear or anxiety may be too severe that pharmacologic management or sedatives are needed. Among the types of sedation available for dental treatments, experts say intravenous or IV sedation works best in most scenarios. A sedation dentist in Scranton, PA, such as Dr. James DeFinnis of Back Mountain Dental, can fully explain the procedure and its benefits.

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Gagging During a Visit? You Need a Friendlier Dentist in Scranton, PA

“The factors that cause dental phobia aren’t exactly clear, but psychologists believe that the fear itself most likely stems from the sense of powerlessness people feel when strapped into the dentist’s chair. This also explains why gag reflexes are quite common among dental phobics, because gagging is one way that the human body attempts to take control of matters by rejecting whatever it is that was placed in the mouth. To prevent these negative emotions and reflexes from showing, dentists are advised to make sure that their patients receive as much comfort and pampering as they need.

In the end, it’s best if dental phobics visited a skilled sedation dentist in Dallas, PA to fight their fear. Such a professional will use the right agents to calm their patients, thus ensuring a smooth and worry-free appointment.”

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