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Worst Foods for the Teeth: Consult a Dentist to Reverse the Damage

Because teeth get directly in contact with food, it only follows that food has the greatest impact on their health. Some food are more harmful than others, though. Read on to know more about the types of food that will most likely make you need the help of a dentist.

Citrus Fruits

These fruits are highly acidic – their name comes from citric acid, after all. Acids are natural enemies of the teeth as they erode the tooth enamel over time. The National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) published a study on the effects of different citrus fruit juices on human teeth. It found that lemon and grapefruit juice have the strongest erosion effects. Orange juice, however, is less acidic and many store-bought variants are fortified with Vitamin D and calcium, nutrients good for the teeth.


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Ask a Cosmetic Dentist: Can Teeth with Braces be Effectively Whitened?

Many people who are wearing traditional and even invisible braces feel restricted when it comes to their options in cosmetic dentistry. Patients who undergo orthodontic treatment plans that are aimed at correcting teeth alignment often express doubt as to whether they can still get their teeth whitened. If you ask a cosmetic dentist from practices serving the Wilkes Barre area, the short answer will be “yes”. Using the proper whitening methods, a dentist can help you get a brighter smile while you’re still working on better alignment and bite.

Bleaching Options

Bleaching is the most recommended type of teeth whitening for patients with braces, particularly one done in the dental office by your dentist. The strength of in-office bleaching is highly effective that it produces a two-tone effect you may notice after your braces have been removed.

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Nearby Scranton, PA Dentist: What You Have To Know About Wisdom Teeth

When impacted, the wisdom tooth or part of it may be trapped inside the gums, creating a space where bacteria can accumulate. In cases where only a portion of the teeth erupts, a flap may be formed where food particles could get stuck. This would generally be difficult to clean, leading to infection, tooth decay, and immense pain; in addition to foul breath and possible pus discharge. Your trusted dentist near Scranton, PA is likely to recommend extraction before the problem progresses into something worse, such as the development of tumors, extensive tooth decay, or pericoronitis (swelling of the affected gum).

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Teeth Stained by Meds? Wilkes Barre Cosmetic Dentist Has a Solution

In the past, whitening teeth stained by tetracycline use was considered “impossible”. Fortunately, dental procedures have caught up to the problem, through such breakthrough methods as the KoR Whitening Deep Bleaching™ system. Locals can receive this treatment from a reputable cosmetic dentist in Wilkes Barre, such as those in Back Mountain Dental.

According to Dr. Rod Kurthy, who developed the system, it is designed to restore the tooth’s ability to absorb the oxygen from the bleaching agent for a whiter result. In addition to tetracycline use, your teeth also loses this ability as you age, which explains why older people tend to have yellowed or browned teeth. The radicals from the agent break up long-chain stain molecules, resulting in white and colorless molecules.

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Useful Teeth Whitening Tips from Your Friendly Dentist in Dallas, PA

The article also points out that some people go to beauty salons for teeth whitening procedures. This is a huge no-no, as only establishments equipped to handle teeth whitening procedures can ensure the safety of any patient. For optimal results, patients should seek the services of a trusted dentist in Dallas, PA such as Dr. James Definnis of Back Mountain Dental when it comes to general dental care and cosmetic dental procedures.

Professional or in-office teeth whitening also entails scheduled maintenance treatments that help retain the luster of newly restored pearly whites. All it takes is for a patient to seek an appointment with a cosmetic dentist in Dallas, PA. Such a level of consistency is hard to maintain with DIY whitening kits, which get rather cumbersome down the line.

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Pluck Wisdom Teeth with help from a Skilled Dentist in Scranton, PA

A failure to erupt through the gums may see the wisdom tooth’s crown at right angles pushing against the adjacent molar’s root. If part of a wisdom tooth emerges from the gum tissue, Sharma says it can be a precursor of ‘plaque-induced’ periodontal disease.

Extracting the wisdom tooth, even in the context of being precursors for other dental procedures, may be unnerving for the patient, especially if the tooth has achieved full size but not erupted through the gums. If you have more than just your wisdom teeth that need to be removed and you’re a bit fearful of all the work that needs to be completed you can ask a sedation dentist in Dallas PA like Dr. James DeFinnis to temporarily put you to sleep using intravenous sedatives, which will relax your muscles. A nurse anesthetist monitors the level of sedatives used; the best benefit of this is that the patient will have little to no memory of the procedure.

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Get Proper Teeth Whitening Advice from a Local Dallas, PA Dentist

For Pratt, losing a lot of weight has taught him to be more patient and determined when it comes to maintaining his health. While this gradual approach worked for him, people in general should always practice proper oral health care to help maintain their body’s overall well-being.

Aside from staying in top shape, visiting your dentist regularly also helps in maintaining proper oral health. So before you even buy whitening strips, it’s best to get teeth whitening advice from a local Dallas, PA dentist. Have your teeth examined and cleaned by a professional first. In some cases, you may just need no more than a thorough cleaning done to restore your teeth’s pearly white looks.

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Chipped Teeth? Visit a Dentist in Dallas, PA and Learn About Veneers

If one or more of these things actually result in a chipped tooth or two, you can rest assured that a reliable dentist from Dallas, PA, like Dr. James C. DeFinnis of Back Mountain Dental, has several remedies by which to fix them. One of the best solutions for damaged teeth is dental veneers. These thin pieces of porcelain or composite resin are designed to bond with your teeth and restore their appearance. They can also protect chipped teeth from decay, abscess, or infections.

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Teeth Whitening: DYI or Visit a Cosmetic Dentist in Wilkes Barre, PA?

“Professional whitening treatments get the thumbs up from the ADA for a variety of reasons. First, in-office treatments usually clean the patient’s teeth and gums before proceeding, which is how any dental procedures- including home whitening treatments- should start in the first place. Second, these treatments are much safer because they use the best tools, employ the right techniques, and are well-regulated by authorities like the ADA. Finally, in-office whitening treatments produce better results since they can deal with all types of tooth stains.

Tooth stains are generally classified as either extrinsic (i.e. stains that affect the outer layer or enamel of the teeth) or intrinsic (i.e. those that penetrate the inner structure or dentin).

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Teeth Discoloration Causes and What You Can Do

Have you ever been at a party where your eyes seemed to be transfixed on a gorgeous-looking individual? A friend notices you are admiring the person from afar and decides to act as the go-between. As your mutual friend introduces you to the person and the latter flashes a smile, you noticed that he or she bears ugly stains on his or her teeth.

Unsightly tooth stains may not be as serious as tooth decay and cavities, but they require as much attention and care unless one’s intention is truly to repel people. Some well-known causes of teeth discoloration are drinking too much caffeine-laden beverages, like coffee and sodas, and smoking. Continue reading

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