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The Latest Trends in Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry has become a popular trend amongst many people in need of better-looking smiles. Thanks to it, there is no need to suffer from crooked or damaged teeth. Thanks to recent innovations in this field of dentistry, in turn, these people will be able to achieve a great smile in the most natural way. Continue reading


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Invisalign: A Teeth Straightening Procedure

People of different age groups suffer from various dental conditions such as missing teeth, tooth decay, periodontal diseases, and misalignment of teeth. Such problems can greatly affect a person not only physically, but mentally and emotionally too.backmountain

Thanks to developments in dental procedures, however, dentists are able to address the many concerns of their patients and at the same time help them regain their lost confidence. One of these is the presence of misaligned or crooked teeth, wherein certain orthodontic procedures become solutions. Continue reading

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Visit a Dentist in Dallas, PA for the Right Solution to Chipped Teeth

This situation is not unusual. Teeth, in general, can last a long time, but they are also susceptible to chipping and breaking when exposed to the right amount of force. Chipped teeth will stay chipped, unless they’re regrown using advanced scientific procedures like dental stem cells, which are still not for public consumption. In order to have chipped teeth repaired, you need the expertise of a trusted Dallas, PA dentist like one in Back Mountain Dental.

In repairing a chipped tooth, the dentist will first asses the severity of the damage. If the chip isn’t too big, he may recommend to simply file down the area to even it out; or repair the damage with filling material. If the chip is too obvious, however, the dentist may offer using special restorative devices, such as dental veneers.

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Wisdom Teeth: Should They Stay or Should They Go?

While they might grow out of your gums during the so-called “Age of Wisdom” (which is between ages 17 and 25), wisdom teeth might not bring you the knowledge about life you deeply wished to have; on the contrary, they might bring you discomfort. Although not everyone develops this third set of teeth, the American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons says that nine out of ten people who do develop them would have at least one impacted wisdom tooth, meaning there’s no space for it to break through the gums.


When a wisdom tooth gets impacted, the partial eruption it causes in your gums allows bacteria to enter your mouth, causing pain, jaw stiffness, swelling, or even a small bout of illness. Moreover, since the general area where your wisdom teeth grows is usually beyond the reach of your toothbrush or dental floss, these could easily cause decay and even gum disease.

Normally, your dentist would suggest having your wisdom teeth removed in order to avoid the further complications of an impacted tooth. Wisdom teeth extraction is recommended at a young age since the roots are not yet fully developed. As you age, however, extraction becomes more painful, yet not impossible when you opt for an IV sedation during the whole procedure. With this in place, you can lie back and relax knowing that you can have all the benefits of wisdom teeth removal with none of the pain.

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Cover Up Teeth Imperfections with Dental Veneers

People aren’t always lucky when it comes to having perfect teeth. Accidents, improper care, and even improper growth can result in smile that’s embarrassing to show. One way to solve this problem is to have dental veneers placed over your faulty teeth.
Dental veneers are thin, custom-made shells that are placed over front teeth to improve their appearance. These are usually made of porcelain or resin composite materials, which makes them indistinguishable from your natural teeth material. These veneers are usually used when your teeth have become so discolored that teeth whitening won’t be able to help. They can also help when your front teeth have been worn down, chipped, have gaps between them, or are uneven. Continue reading

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New Tech Allows a Wilkes Barre Dentist to Make Dental Crowns in Hours

New York native Aimee Stone came into a local dental clinic in need of a dental crown, expecting that she’ll be coming back for days or weeks until the process is completed. The hassles of multiple dental visits in order to get a dental crown is something that many patients can relate to; and not a lot of people have the time for multiple dentist visits, including Aimee, who’s a working mother of three kids.

However, technology has made up for that. Nowadays, a special equipment allows a skilled Wilkes Barre dentist to come up with a dental crown within hours instead of days or weeks. Facilities like Back Mountain Dental are among the first to make use of CAD/CAM (computer-aided design and computer-aided manufacturing) systems, which are capable of producing a dental crown while the patient waits, literally.

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Dentist in Scranton, PA Attacks the Source of Various Dental Problems

Therapeutic rinses do not only carry breath fresheners, they also mitigate the risk of tooth decay by denying bacteria of viable food sources. For instance, bacteria can’t break down xylitol, an ingredient found in many therapeutic mouthwashes. Xylitol has hydrating properties that deny bacteria of their proper breeding ground.

Nevertheless, proper hygiene alone won’t be enough to prevent tooth decay, which affects nine out of ten American adults every year. A biannual visit to a general dentist in Scranton, PA, like one in Back Mountain Dental, is also a must. The dentist possesses the right skills and equipment to spot the presence and source of tooth decay, and provide the necessary treatment.

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Teeth Stained by Meds? Wilkes Barre Cosmetic Dentist Has a Solution

In the past, whitening teeth stained by tetracycline use was considered “impossible”. Fortunately, dental procedures have caught up to the problem, through such breakthrough methods as the KoR Whitening Deep Bleaching™ system. Locals can receive this treatment from a reputable cosmetic dentist in Wilkes Barre, such as those in Back Mountain Dental.

According to Dr. Rod Kurthy, who developed the system, it is designed to restore the tooth’s ability to absorb the oxygen from the bleaching agent for a whiter result. In addition to tetracycline use, your teeth also loses this ability as you age, which explains why older people tend to have yellowed or browned teeth. The radicals from the agent break up long-chain stain molecules, resulting in white and colorless molecules.

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